The interior of the island offers four small flooded karst depressions where people fish for eels. The locals call the karst depressions „Blatina“ or „Slatina“. In this part of the island there are plenty of beautiful bays with marvellous sandy beaches, the most famous one of which is situated at the end of the bay Saplunara

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Destinations belonging to the Tourism Community of Mljet:

  • The village Kozarica is situated in a bay which offers a tremendous view to the peninsula Pelješac
  • The small village Ropa allows a wonderful view to the open Adriatic Sea.
  • Saplunara bay is situated in the most eastern part of the island Mljet. At the end of the asphalted island road you will find two beautiful sandy beaches.
  • The village of Sobra is located at the north coast of the island and disposes of a new modern ferry harbour.
  • Babino Polje is the largest town on the Mljet island and it is famous for its parish church from the 15th century. The latter was renewed in the Italian Renaissance and the Baroque style. Other baroque houses can be found in the town centre of Babino Polje. Another tourist attraction is the grotto Rikavica on the south coast of the island.

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