Villages by the sea:
Villages in the interior:
Ston, Mali Ston, Duba, Brijesta, Zuljana,
Trstenik, Orebic, Kucište, Viganj. 
Janjina, Kuna, Potomje, Putnikovici,
Gornja, Vrucica.
At the south coast of the peninsula Peljesac, just opposite of Korcula, the tourist will find the small and well-known destination Orebic. The limestone peaks Sv. Ilija (961 m) and Vizanjca (443 m) are protecting the town from the cold wind „Bora“. The landscape around the place has a Mediterranean luxuriant vegetation such as pines, southern fruits and almonds.
From the various beaches, Trstenica is the most popular. Orebic characteristic features is an unspoiled nature. There are many cypresses, olives, almonds, agaves and flowers to admire. The long sandy beaches as well as numerous bays and inlets with a crystal-clear sea offer unforgettable sunsets which take you back in the time of the Greek classical antiquity.
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Kucište - Perna is situated 6 km west of Orebic and has very beautiful beaches. Archaeological discoveries as such from the Neolithic Age to the Iron Age were found in Kucište - Perna. A small gothic church at the cemetery built in the XIV. century as well as a baroque church built in 1752 can be visited by tourists.

Big flinty beach with several little pine forests. In the Northwest of Viganj starts the way up to the mountain St.Ilia (Sveti Iljia) (961 m).

Lovište is situated in the outermost Northwest of the peninsula Pelješac on the left shore of the Luka bay at the end of a fertile karst-valley.
The inhabitants concerns themselves particularly with winegrowing and fishing. Nearby there are a lot of inlets (Przina, Cesminova, Krizica, Rasoha, Bezdija) with wonderful beaches.

The little town with its harbour is situated in the outmost Northwest of the Ston duct with its promontory of the same name. Ston is famous for its saltworks and cultivation of oysters. Near the village there are beautiful beaches along the canal and at the Prapratna bay as well as sportfishing possibilities.
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Mali Ston
Mali Ston with its harbour is situated at the Northeast coast of the Ston promontory in a small dissected bay. The cultivation of oysters is famous in the Bistrina bay and the Mali Ston canal.

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