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In this small town everything is made for its guests and in accordance with their demands: thousands of beds in numerous hotels such as Olympia, Punta, Imperial, Ville Gloriette, in boarding-houses, apartments.
There are also hundreds of Restaurants inns, pizzerias, cafés, snack-bars, night-clubs ..., a large and modern marina, lots of supermarkets, boutiques, souvenir shops, sporting facilities, beaches, narrow streets ...
Vodice is a lively and exciting place during the day but also quiet, charming and beautiful after the sunset. It is far but again so close; it can be reached by sea, land and air; you can use ferries in Šibenik (13 km), Zadar (65 km), Split (90 km) or two airports; Zadar (65 km), Split (70 km).This is the place where Europe has its hearth and all of you who have come or will come here, will find something special, something that makes Vodice a precious stone of the central part of the Croatian Adriatic.
An extraordinary feeling will make you addicted to its beauty and exactly that "addiction" will be the main cause for you to come back to the place of your memories, the place where you will leave a part of your soul and where kind, open hearted people can be always found. Your dear friend, your second home and a magic oasis of your memories – it’s Vodice.

Tauchcenter Dibe in Vodice Kroatien Tauchcenter Dibe in Vodice Kroatien Tauchcenter Dibe in Vodice Kroatien
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